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The journey that you and your tattoo take isn’t often discussed. But in these articles, I cover everything from the birth or your new tattoo and onward. Like people, tattoos change with time. When you understand why that happens, you’ll know what you can reasonably expect and how to help yourself get the outcome you want.

Tattoo in Progress

How A Tattoo Is Done

If you are considering getting a tattoo, this article contains information that you MUST know about how a tattoo is done. Even though you’ve already made the decision to get inked, it’s still important to know the true nature of a tattoo, what ink actually is, and the equipment that is commonly used for tattooing. Read more…

New Tattoo That Is Wrapped

Tattoo Aftercare

Proper tattoo aftercare is essential to prevent scarring, infection, fading and drying out. Treating your new tattoo gently, providing a clean environment, and applying the right amount of moisturizer are keys to ensuring a successful healing process. Read more…

Forever Tattoo Smaller

How Does A Tattoo Change?

After your tattoo has fully healed, go ahead and enjoy the hot tub and indulge in chlorinated pools to your heart’s content. However, be aware that sunlight is now your tattoo’s arch-enemy. It will relentlessly fade the colors and erase the vibrancy that once was. Read more…

Snow White Cover Up Tattoo

Tattoo Cover Up

While everyone would ideally get a tattoo they love and cherish forever, the reality is that both people and tattoos change over time. Not all tattoos are made equal, and in certain cases, people may choose to have their tattoo removed entirely due to personal and design changes. Read more…

Tattoo Removal in Progress

Tattoo Removal

Some people see their tattoos as a part of themselves, a representation of their past and who they once were. These folks are unwilling to part with tattoos, even if they consider them mistakes. But in some cases, complete tattoo removal is the only option for people who are unhappy with their tattoos. Read more…