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Cherry tattoos hold a rich and diverse range of meanings that are deeply rooted in various cultures and through history including: immortality, sensuality, victory, and protection. With a comprehensive understanding of the cultural significance of cherries, you can create a distinctive and highly personal tattoo design. In this article, I delve into the wealth of interesting meanings that cherry tattoos can use for inspiration.

Cherry Tattoo Design
Cherry Tattoo Design

Historical and Cultural Significance of Cherry Symbolism

Symbolism of the Cherry Fruit in Japan

The Japanese culture is widely known for its celebration of cherry blossoms or sakura. However, the cherry fruit itself holds a significant and symbolic value in the country’s culture.

Good Fortune and Prosperity

In Japan, the cherry fruit is revered as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity due to its association with plentiful harvests. The Japanese people believed that fruitful cherry trees indicate a bountiful yield, which leads to blessings, abundance, and a promising future.

Youth and Vitality

The cherry fruit is commonly associated with the vibrancy and liveliness of youth. The bright red hue and succulent texture of this fruit evoke a sense of youthful energy and vigor.

Moreover, cherry trees are renowned for their ability to withstand harsh conditions and yield fruit consistently year after year, signifying resilience and perseverance – two prominent traits that are often associated with the youth.

Cherries with Flowers and Scroll Tattoo Design
Cherries with Flowers and Scroll Tattoo Design

Sensuality and Passion

In Japanese culture, the cherry fruit is frequently associated with sensuality and passion due to its rich, red hue and juicy flesh. This fruit’s color is capable of inciting powerful emotions and desires, which has led it to become a symbol of love, romance, and profound emotional connections. Furthermore, cherries are often featured in Japanese love poems and various art forms as a representation of these themes.

Chinese Symbolism

Cherries held a special significance in ancient China, where they were revered as symbols of longevity and immortality. The fruit was also associated with youthful freshness and, on occasion, viewed as a representation of the seductive woman.

Interestingly, during puberty, the term “cherry blossom madness” was used as a metaphor for the emotional turmoil that young people experienced.

Roman Symbolism

In ancient Greece and Rome, cherries were deemed a precious fruit since they were imported all the way from the East in the first century AD. As strange as it sounds, there were times when these cherries were mistaken for apricots.

Legend has it that in the garden of Emperor Alexander Severus, there existed a cherry tree that reached a towering height above a laurel. It was regarded as an auspicious sign, prophesying his conquest over the Persians.

Old School Cherry Tattoo with Stars (Photo by Paulo Guereta / CC BY)
Old School Cherry Tattoo with Stars (Photo by Paulo Guereta / CC BY)

Christian Symbolism

Cherries are considered a fruit of Paradise and the blessed in Christianity. They are associated with good works, sweetness, and are often depicted with the Christ Child.

Cherry Tattoo Meanings and Interpretations

Life and Immortality

Cherries symbolize immortality or longevity in Chinese culture, a meaning that can be carried over to tattoos. The legend of Hsi-wang-mu’s cherries of immortality can be incorporated into tattoo designs to emphasize the theme of eternal life.

Cherries, Peppermint Candy, and Rabbits Tattoo (Photo by Mando Photo / CC BY)
Cherries, Peppermint Candy, and Rabbits Tattoo (Photo by Mando Photo / CC BY)

Sensuality and Femininity

Cherries are associated with maidenly freshness and the wanton woman in Chinese culture. A cherry tattoo can represent sensuality, femininity, or the duality of innocence and seduction.

The “cherry spring” is a poetic expression for lady parts, which further emphasizes the fruit’s connection to sensuality.

Swallows with Cherries Tattoo (Photo by Shannon Archuleta / CC BY)
Swallows with Cherries Tattoo (Photo by Shannon Archuleta / CC BY)

Because the fruit is round with a delicate skin, cherry tattoos can also be associated with purity, innocence, and maidenhood, i.e., virginity. So while cherry tattoos might be a symbol of fertility in some cultures, they can also have the exact opposite meaning and represent sexual innocence and the desire to preserve chastity.

Victory and Triumph

Drawing inspiration from the story of Emperor Alexander Severus’s cherry tree, a cherry tattoo can symbolize victory and triumph. This meaning can be particularly relevant to those who have overcome significant challenges or achieved personal milestones.

Good Fortune and Protection

In the history of the Chinese culture, the wood of the cherry tree was believed to ward off evil spirits. Placing cherry branches on house doors on New Year’s Day was a common practice for protection. A cherry tattoo could represent good fortune, protection from negative energy, or serve as a personal talisman.

Cherries with Flames Tattoo (Photo by Micael Faccio / CC BY)
Cherries with Flames Tattoo (Photo by Micael Faccio / CC BY)

Choosing a Cherry Tattoo Design

When selecting a cherry tattoo design, consider the following tips:

Reflect on the meaning you want your cherry tattoo to convey. Its significance can help you decide on the style, size, and placement.

Research popular cherry tattoo styles, such as traditional, realistic, or minimalist designs. While cherry tattoos can be a simple design, there’s really no limit to the styles that could be applied.

Tattoo artists can create a custom design that incorporates your desired symbolism and aesthetics.

Consider the tattoo’s placement, taking into account factors like visibility, pain tolerance, and whether it complements your existing body art–if you have any.

Skull Cherries Tattoo Design
Skull Cherries Tattoo Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a two cherry tattoo mean?

Two cherries connected by a stem can symbolize a strong bond between two people, representing love, partnership, or a deep emotional connection. The cherries’ luscious red hue and succulent nature are also associated with sensuality and passion, making the two-cherry tattoo a popular choice for those who wish to express their feelings toward a loved one or celebrate their romantic relationships.

What does a cherry tattoo on the hip mean?

A cherry tattoo on the hip can carry various meanings, depending on the individual wearing it. But when placed on the hip, it can represent sensuality and passion. The hip is a discreet, yet intimate area of the body, which may reinforce the tattoo’s connection to personal desires or romantic relationships. Also, because the hip is often considered a symbol of femininity and curves, a cherry tattoo there could be a celebration of one’s feminine nature and body confidence.

What does two cherries that look like skulls mean?

Skulls are often used as a reminder of the inevitability of death and the importance of living life to the fullest. Combining skulls with cherries–which symbolize life, love, and vitality–can create a powerful message about embracing life while being mindful of its impermanence. At the same time, the combination of cherries and skulls creates a visually striking and edgy tattoo design, which may be the point.

March 30, 2023