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Are you totally lost when it comes to finding the perfect tattoo design? Don’t worry, many people find themselves in this situation. So let’s start with something concrete: image sources for tattoos.

Key Takeaways

  • Online tattoo image databases are just a click away; I link several below
  • Books and magazines are old school, but some of them are online
  • A tattoo convention is the best way to find tattoo inspiration
Leopard tattoo

As part of your decision process, getting familiar with all the options is essential. Some designs will be a definite no-go straight away – and that’s okay; it’ll help you narrow down your choices more easily.

Others may seem interesting enough at first glance but become even more appealing as time passes. You’ll definitely want to keep track of these.

Tattoo of conductor in front of speakers

Tattoo Design Resources Online

With so many options out there to explore designs for your next tattoo, where do you begin? Let’s make the search a little easier – here are some of the amazing resources available online that can help bring clarity and creativity to this exciting decision.

Social Media

Dagger through heart tattoo

Tattoo Books and Magazines

Books and magazines are great resources for anyone who is passionate about body art—they’re filled with amazing images and information that can help you create your perfect tattoo. Whether you’re just starting out or have been exploring tattoos for years, books and magazines can provide you with useful tips on design, application techniques, trends in the tattoo industry, and more.



Don’t forget your local library as a place to find both tattoo books and magazines. But also consider the libraries at nearby college campuses, particularly if they have an art history program.

Japanese dragon tattoo

In the Flesh

Discover the diverse world of tattoo art at a convention near you. Every major city across the globe hosts an annual event that has something for everyone; from browsing studios and retailers, to taking part in tattoo competitions that have prizes up for grabs.

Tattoo artists display their portfolios, allowing visitors to view some truly exceptional artwork – not to mention all those who attend showing off their own tattoos. Rather than following your own inclination when it comes to tattoo designs, you’ll be exposed to an enormous variety of body art.

Pro tip: If a tattoo artist is working, politely wait for them or their client to take a break.

You’ll see old school tattoos, alongside watercolor tattoos, tiny tattoos, and sleeves. Bold lines and black ink will live next to anime tattoos and fine line work. American traditional tattoos and minimal tattoos will be on display with a good dose of self expression.

For more information on dates and locations, a search engine is your best bet. Attend a tattoo convention, and you’ll experience an unforgettable part of the tattoo world. Design ideas for your new tattoo will be absolutely everywhere.

As a bonus, you’ll see more tattooed people in one place than is possible anywhere else. Plus, you’ll actually see tattoo artists at work. If you’ve never been tattooed and wonder what it’ll be like, you can have a front row seat.

Tattoo Convention

With so many options for finding inspiration for your tattoo, the only limit is your imagination. Let your computer connect you to an internet full of resources. Check out some old-school magazines or books at your local bookstore or library. Or go to a tattoo convention and talk to tattoo artists about their work. The possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I come up with tattoo ideas?

From understanding why you want body art in the first place to visualizing color and gathering images far and wide, check out this guide with my top 12 tips on how to choose your tattoo design.

How do I find a tattoo artist that fits me?

In terms of their tattoos designs and style, their online portfolio will help a lot. In terms of the quality of their tattooing and how they tread customers, Yelp will help to narrow down your choices. But for really understanding their vibe and that of their tattoo studio, nothing is better than paying a visit to them in person.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Yes. Think of tattooing much like other service industries. But add to that the fact that you’ve trusted your tattoo artist with your design and your skin. Most tattoo artists get the most satisfaction from seeing that you’re happy with your new ink. So definitely show your gratitude, with a tip if you can manage it.

March 25, 2023