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Welcome to all the guides you’ll ever need when it comes to getting a tattoo. Whether you’re just curious or ready to get your next tattoo, you’ve come to the right spot for in-depth, no-nonsense information. Let’s dive in.

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12 Ways to Choose Your PERFECT Tattoo

How to begin your tattoo search, why talking to a tattoo artist can be a big help, tattoo placement considerations, the color of your ink, being happy with your body art, narrowing down your tattoo designs, and so much more. Read more…

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Resources to Find Tattoo Inspiration in 2023

You know you want a tattoo but can’t figure out what design you want. I’ve grouped together some huge resources and my best recommendations on how to find inspiration for your tattoo. Read more…

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How to Find the Right Tattoo Artist and Shop

Everything you need to know about finding, meeting, and talking with tattoo artists: from safety to price, where the tattoo will go, and how to look at a tattoo to see its quality. Read more…

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Tattoo Styles – The Complete Guide

Whether you’re a first-time tattooee or an experienced wearer of ink, understanding the different styles available can be essential for deciding what will look best on your skin. This guide provides an overview of some of the most popular tattoo styles, from traditional Japanese designs to realistic portraiture, helping you find the perfect design to showcase your unique style. Read more…


How to Get A Tattoo

You have completed your research, made your decisions, and are ready for your tattoo. Choosing the right tattooist was also a crucial part of your decision-making process. You’ve picked someone with whom you have rapport, and you have confidence in their artistic and technical skills. So let’s not leave anything to chance for the big day. Read more…

Death Before Dishonor

Military Tattoos

Over 6 million veterans currently carry with them one of the most identifiable and permanent symbols of military service ever used–the tattoo. But military themes in tattooing are no recent fad. In this article I go over the history of military tattoos, give some examples, and review the current regulations for each branch of the service. Read more…

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Tattoo Infographics

Get all the latest statistics about tattoos in an easy to understand graphic. They’re super fun! Read more…